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Student groups will research and present information about various climate change topics.


  • Wednesday, Jan. 8     Library computers
  • Thursday, Jan 9  Library computers

    Projects will be presented during the week of Tuesday, January 14 to Thursday, January 16


    Groups of four (maximum) will have 25 minutes to:
        A.   Explain their climate change topic works using some combination a PowerPoint presentation (minimum 12 slides) and/or other teaching aids along with direct explanation.

    The topics are wide-ranging and cannot be summarized by a single checklist of "Things which I must cover." But here are some general suggestions:
    1. Provide very brief background information on the topic.
    2. You must provide a strong link to climate change: how is your topic affected by it?
    3. What are the long term prospects for improvement OR for the situation worsening?
    4. Are there any solultions possible?

        B.   Run some student learning activities during which each student will be an active, engaged partipant rather than a passive observer. (crossword puzzle? quiz game?)

    NOTE:   at all times, the groups must remember that the focus is CLIMATE CHANGE and its relationship with your specific topic.
    1. Greenhouse Effect: what is the ultimate cause of global warming?
    2. El Nino / El Nina phenomenon
    3. Climate Reconstruction/Investigation and Interpretation using these indicators
      1. Pollen
      2. Corals
      3. Ocean Sediments
    4. Kyoto Protocol and / or latest agreement reached about climate change
    5. Response of Ecosystems to Global Change. You should narrow down your topic so you donít cover all the ecosystems of the world. Suggestions:
      1. Tundra ecosystems
      2. Desertification: Conversion of semi-arid areas to true deserts
    6. Impact of Climate Change on Global Disease
    7. Impacts of global warming on recreation such as skiing,
    8. Food and Hunger
    9. Extreme Storms (tornadoes and hurricanes)
    10. Impact of Climate Change on the Global Water Cycle (Past and Present) : rivers, lakes, groundwater, glaciers
    11. Life History Changes in Plants and Animals
    12. Invasive Species: response to changing climates
    13. Sea Level Change and its impact on island nations
    14. Global Warming: Truth or Fiction? How is this topic viewed by the Conservative right wing, especially in the USA?
    15. Your own idea on a topic? Discuss it with me.