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1.                  THE ISSUE:

What is the solution to the snow goose overpopulation problem?



2.                  "Sharing Session" TIME:

Wednesday, April 23 during period 1


3.                  FORMAT:

a.       Introduction by Mr. Koivu


b.      Groups Present Solutions: 2 minutes each:this will be strictly enforced

1.      Government:Canadian

2.      Government:USA

3.      Farmers

4.      Greenpeace

5.      Naturalists / Birdwatchers

6.      Native hunters

7.      Recreational Hunters

8.      Scientists

9.      Mother Nature

10.  Geese



4.                  Challenge:†††† Groups are expected to challenge the solutions proposed by other groups.Be aggressive!You have to attack their solutions to win this debate yourself.††† 2 minutes each, in same order as the presentations.


5.                  Short Break:††††††† Groups will plan and polish their defense and conclusion.††††† (2 minutes)


6.                  Defense and Conclusion: ††Groups must prepare a very brief defense ending with a one sentence solution†† (1 minute)


7.                  Vote:†††††††† You may vote for any solution, including your own.†† You are allowed two votes:†† first place and runner-up.




SNOW GOOSE DEBATE:†† preparation


You will perform the following tasks with your group:


  • Think of a group name.
  • Plan some very small element of a costume, to identify your group†† (such as a lab coat, hunterís vest / cap, or birdsí feathers).†† No need to over do the costume;something simple will do.
  • Brainstorm ideas within your group about what solutions would meet the values / beliefs of your group
  • Do background research(internet, books, yellow duotang folder) to find instances in the world where your solution worked in other situations.†† This is to provide concrete evidence that your solution will work.
  • Prepare point form notes on the Presentation of your Solution.††† I prefer that you not read every work, but talk in a conversational style while referring to your notes.
  • Anticipate the solutions of other groups so you can prepare your attack on their ideas.Again, background research will help here.
  • Plan your concluding statement and closing arguments.




Sorry, this is in progress. It will be completed shortly by Friday's class. Mr. K..