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Each student will be making a high-quality bar of soap using a saponification reaction.   We will be following the "cold process method" described in this link from   Please check it out.

This will be a "natural" soap similar to a bar of Ivory, unlike many commerial soaps which are phosphate based and loaded with harsh, synthetic colours, fragrances and other additives.   Your soap will also contain all of the natural glycerin byproduct which is normally stripped from comercial soaps and sold in expensive skin care cosmetics.   A perfect Christmas gift for your mother!!

  • On Friday, April 4, bring in something to mold an average-sized bar of soap, such as a plastic dish, plastic drinking cup or cut-down waxed paper carton.   If you wish to bring a non-flexible mold (such as a glass dish), it can be lined with plastic wrap so your soap will unmold.

  • To make a specialty soap, optional ingredients to bring include additives such as small amounts of scents, essential oils, food colouring or small amounts of other materials such as finely ground oatmeal, fine abrasive material, solids such as dried rose petals / lavender leaves or spices such as cinnamon.   You may want to bring a small rope, to make a soap-on-a-rope.

    For more advance reading about the process, check out this extensive links page on soap-making.