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Your task:


PART ONE     First, log onto the website and read “Lesson 2” to answer the questions below:




1.                  What is projectile motion? _______________________________

2.                  What is the main condition for an object to be moving in projectile motion? ____________________________

3.                  What is the force acting on the object in projectile motion?_________________________

4.                  What are three ways a projectile can move? ________________________________________

5.                  Name five actual examples of projectile motion (such as from sports) which move as projectiles._____________________________________

6.                  Sketch the free-body diagram for a projectile.______________________________________

7.                  Read the last paragraph of “Lesson 2” to answer the following questions: 


What is the horizontal motion of an object undergoing projectile motion? ____________________

What is the vertical motion of an object undergoing projectile motion?___________________________





PART TWO     Then log onto the website; to try a simulated projectile activity.




2.                  Work through the “Exercise to Try”, shown below:


1.      Try to hit the target in 4 ties staring with the default settings and only changing the velocity (i.e. the kinetic energy)

2.      After you have successful hit the target double the gravity (i.e. raise it to -19.6). By what factor do you have to increase the velocity in order to now hit the target?

3.      Now set the windage slider to -14 units and turn drag on with the drag button. Compare the trajectory with and without the drag feature.

4.      Now, what do you suppose will happen if you lower the density of the projectile with the drag turned on?


3.                  Then work through the assignment (as it appears in the website:)

The enemy band of tenured professors is approaching. Unfortunately you forget your handy supply of cannon balls and all you have is some textbooks and there is a 50 mile an hour head wind. The density of the textbooks is 0.55 (1/2 that of a cannon ball). Set the windage to -50, make sure drag is turn on and try to hit the target that represents the enemy band of tenured professors. Enlist the aid of an untenured professor to help. You have 4 shots, else the tenured professors will become "aware" (if that is possible) of the ballistic textbooks coming in their general direction.


Log on to to create a jump which will send the object forward with the greatest horizontal distance possible.

ANSWER THIS QUESTION:     What was the best angle or design of ramp which gave you the longest horizontal distance? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________