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Answer the questions below on global warming.   These will be marked out of 15 as an assignment and will a topic on your final exam.     Write out your answers in your own words, word processed or by hand:   no cutting and pasting from the internet will be allowed!    

All information (except #11 and #12) can be found on the website for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (EPA).

  1. What is global warming?

  2. What does the word "climate" mean?

  3. What is the greenhouse effect?

  4. What are the main greenhouse gases? (list the chemical compounds)

  5. What does the word "weather" mean?

  6. Describe the "atmosphere".     What is it?

  7. What is the "biosphere"?

  8. What role do the oceans play in regulating temperature on Earth?

  9. What effect does the topography (surface features) have on the climate?

  10. What effect does ice in the polar regions have on climate?

  11. What might happen to the Earth if the trend of increasing temperatures continues?
    (Click here for more information on this.   Check out item #2 on the list.)

  12. How do scientists know that the temperatuare of the Earth is rising?
    (Click here for more information on this.   Check out item #7 on the list.)

  13. What are fossil fuels?

  14. List some of the things that you do which causes greenhouse gases to be released into the environment.

  15. What are some ways that you can reduce the production of greenhouse gases which cause global warming. (list 5 ways)

Hand in your answers to these questions to Mrs. Watson.   These will be marked.   These will not be accepted tomorrow.

If you are finished early:
  • check out the Climate Animations and the Games including an on-line quiz on the EPA website.

  • Check out the pictures of the period 2 grade 10 students performing the accelerated motion lab.   I am running a workshop (right now) with Mr. Jones in London, Ontario for about 30 science department heads and school administrators.   I am sharing with them the success all of you had with the "accelerated motion" lab.