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Each student group will be responsible for teaching their fellow students about their assigned topic.   A global perspective of their topic should be addressed. Click here for the marking sheet.

Each presentation will have three elements:
A.     THE TEACHING SESSION:   The “teaching” is expected to include a variety of teaching strategies such as:

-direct instruction (talking to class about topic, but NOT reading from prepared notes)

-PowerPoint slide show presentation

-posters or other graphics

-written work on chalk board

-directed (planned) line of questioning

-quiz administered and marked by the group

-work activity such as crossword puzzle of terms, worksheet with questions etc.

-game such as “Jeopardy” or “Millionaire” on your topic.

-video on your topic, as review, maximum 10 minutes long

-show using sock puppets

-creating a simple web site

-any other teaching strategy you can think of...use your imagination

Each group will do something "creative" (about 10 minutes in length) to educate and entertain the class on their topic.   This may include a puppet show, home-video, "flash" computer animation, interpretive dance, short skit or a story told in cartoons.

Each group will create a 5 - 10 mark quiz on their topic.   These will count in the "test" category.   Show me the quiz at least 1 day in advance of your presentation, so I can check it for quality.   I don't want it confusing, too easy or too hard.


Not including set up time, the presentations will be a minimum of 30 minutes long. This includes a quiz, to be marked out of 5 - 10 marks on your topic.


Click here for schedule of computer lab and library days, and presentation dates.


Hundreds of thousands of boring,incomprehensible and ineffective presentations are given every day by people in business, universities, government and many other walks of life.   Click here for some excellent advice to avoid mediocre presentations.


I expect each teaching group will be able to:


          demonstrate excellent knowledge about their subject

          communicate effectively and clearly without reading from prepared notes

          entertain the class and keep their interest

          carry through the presentation seamlessly, without large “gaps” of inactivity

          have each group member participate fully during the teaching session


1.         Once presentations have started, the presentation dates will not be changed. Any student who is absent for their group’s presentation (except for major illness with a phone call from a parent) will be give a “zero” grade.   In this case, the rest of the group will be expected to carry through with their portion of the presentation.


2.         Any requests for photocopies or transparencies must be given to your teacher the day before your presentation. I will not photocopy last minute items due to poor planning by presenters.


3.         I strongly suggest students create their PowerPoint presentation on the school network in their H:/ drive and test out their slide show with the computers available in the classroom the day before their presentation. Technical problems due to poor planning such as unreadable floppy disks and presentations done on incompatible versions of software cannot be used as an excuse for an incomplete presentation.



  • Global prevailing wind patterns
  • Hydrosphere: ocean currents and their effects
  • Greenhouse effect & global warming
  • Acid rain
  • Extreme weather events: causes and effects
  • Weather measuring technology
  • The effect on agriculture on global climate change
  • Meteorology: the science of predicting weather
  • Another topic of your choice, with the teacher's permission