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Your task is to defend the position that your energy type is essential to the future of the world.   Is it sustainable? Non-Polluting? (or at least pollution issues can / will be addressed) Can it produce power in a timely manner, as it is needed? Is it cost effective? Can any problems with it be addressed?

Energy Conversion Techologies:

Debate Assignment:



Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - library computers

Thursday, April 11 - library computers

Friday, April 12 - library computers



Monday, April 14 -PowerPoint presentations (four per day)

Tuesday, April 15


Each group will prepare a 10 – 15 minutes (MAXIMUM! This will be timed!!!) presentation focusing only the technical aspects of the energy conversion method.



Thursday, April 17* -Formal Debate


We will be following the strict format of a formal debate. Each group will present for 2 minutes (timed) in a pre-determined sequence, providing supporting arguments for ttheir technology.

The arguments will address such points as:




This will be followed by a brief break (2 minutes, maximum)


Then each group will have two minutes to present rebuttals attacking the other groups energy conversion technologies.






DEBATE FORMAT: We will follow the format of a formal debate


1.        Introduction by Mr. Koivu


2.         Groups present their solution (in the order presented) to the world’s long term energy needs. Groups are expected to act as advocates / supporters of their energy type.

            2 minutes each.

            a.         geothermal

            b.         tidal

            c.         wind

            d.         solar

            e.         coal

            f.         nuclear

            g.         fossil fuels

            h.         hydroelectric


3. Challenge: Groups are expected to challenge the solutions proposed by other groups. Be aggressive! You have to attack their solutions to win this debate yourself.

            (2 minutes each)


4. Short Break: Groups will plan and polish their defense and conclusion.

            (2 minutes)


5. Defense and Conclusion: Groups must prepare a very brief defense ending with a one sentence solution

            (1 minute)


6. Vote: You may vote for any solution, including your own. You are allowed two votes: first place and runner-up.


I expect to see students who are well-prepared and knowledgeable about their subject. Students will speak clearly and confidently about their topic without referring to prepared notes. Electronic aids such as PowerPoint presentation will be succinct and professional in appearancel. Point form and interesting graphics are expected, rather than huge blocks of text.

During the debate, I expect to see student groups who particpate with enthusiasm, respect for their fellow debators and with excellent subject knowledge.



DEBATE PREPARATION: You will need to complete the following tasks with your group:

    * Brainstorm ideas within your group about what solutions would meet the ideas / values / beliefs of your group. In a formal debate, you are expected to support your topic whether or not you personally agree with it.

    * Do background research this evening (internet), to find instances in the world where your energy solution worked in other situations.

   * Prepare point form notes on the presentation of your solution. I prefer that you not read every work, but talk in a conversational style while referring to your notes.

    * Anticipate the solutions of other groups so you can prepare your attack on their ideas. Again, background research will help here.

    * Plan your concluding statement and closing arguments.