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topic names presentation date
binocular Ed, Kyle, Trevor Thursday, Feb. 19 (first half)
Holograms Ian, Jayal, Nick Thurs, Feb. 19 (second half)
telescope Graeme, Cullen, Gavin, Bryan Friday, Feb. 20 (first half)
microscope Don, Harrison, Matt, Evan Friday, Feb. 20 (second half)
camera Mallory, Becky, Thelma Monday, Feb. 23 (first half)
The Eye Eric, Kayla, Kory, Eric Stephan Monday, Feb. 23 (2nd half)
lasers Chris, Shane, Cameron, Shannon Tuesday, Feb. 24 (second half)
Fiber optics Yorgo, Kevin, Steve, Jade Stephan Tues, Feb. 24 (2nd half)
  1. WARNING!!   The presentation dates will not be changed.   Anyone absent for their own presentation will be given a "zero" grade. (unless they have some MAJOR medical excuse)

  2. Photocopying, overhead transparences, LCD projector and other "teacher aids" are available but only if the group makes these arrangements the day before their presentations.   These services cannot be provided as a "last minute" request.

  3. Topics left over:   overhead projector, _________ other?