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GROUP NAMES:      _______________, ______________, _______________, ____________

TOPIC:           ___________________

A:Display & Explanation of "A Day in the Life of ..."

Description: In this section, the group will get up in front of the class and explain briefly (10 - 15 minutes) the life and times of their physicist.

This must be done in a natural, conversational style without reading. Your “displays, whether labeled photographs, computer images , overhead transparencies or PowerPoint presentations will enhance the audience’s understanding.




-Display clearly labeled

-Neat, professional appearance

-Enhanced understanding of topic

-Considerable effort made in making display

-Could be seen clearly by everyone in class

1 2 3 4 5


-Student group explained without reading from prepared text of any kind

-Showed excellent knowledge of topic

-Good participation and seamless delivery

-Group well prepared and organized; got started without delay

1 2 3 4


Group answered the basic questions: “ What was the life of the physicist like? What was his/her major discovery? How did it affect the world?”

1 2 3



NOTE:            for this section, reading from blocks of text on PowerPoint Presentations or from cue cards not allowed


B.Creative Portion 

Description: In this section, the student group will use some non-traditional way to present the main issues regarding main topic: "A Day in the Life of..." and "What was the impact of his/her discovery on society or mankind?"   The idea is to use “creative entertainment” rather than “boring lecture” to get your point across. This may include:

-puppet show with puppets made of pieces of cut-out paper glued to sticks, or more elaborate puppets

            -mock News report with props

            -home video on topic

            -poetry reading (such as Limericks)

            -interpretive dance or creative movement

            -computer generated (FLASH) animation

Minimum 10 minutes long, although groups may take as long as they wish. Groups may need to lead the class in discussion after your creative event, to ensure that the audience got the point about the issues involved.




Considerable effort was made in creative endeavor by group

1 2 3 4

Elements of creativity, imagination, humour were present

1 2 3

Underlying message of “societal impacts” (positive or negative) was successfully addressed by group

1 2 3

Props or other teaching aids effective, enhanced overall teaching

1 2 3 4



C:Student Activities:       (ie: including the quiz)



Group showed organization during activity: were able to keep class engaged and on-task.

1 2 3

Class activity activity conducted smoothly, without large periods of wasted time while they organized themselves.

1 2 3

Activity "engaged" the class in active learning.   (ie: generated some interest, participation and excitement.   We want to avoid having a class of passive listeners.

1 2 3 4 5



D: Test Question:       



Degree of difficulty of test question was appropriate: not simplistic but not impossible either. Quiz must be a true test students’ knowlege of major issues or themes rather than asking about some trivial detail. (No word searches! or excessive use of true/false)


1 2 3

Test or quiz item professional in appearance; word processed, complete with marking scheme, provided to teacher for photocopying on the day of their presentation, solution provided

1 2




Note:   a 30 minute presentation is the goal.   I will deduct 1 mark for each minute less than a total 30 minute presentation time.