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Science Fair (due: Tuesday, March 26)10%
Final Exam *20%
Your final exam will be on Tuesday, June 25, 2013.   The marks for science fair and the final exam together will give the 30% culminating mark for the course.

  • Knowledge includes tests which will be weighted appropriately to reflect the time spent covering that part of the curriculum.   This category also includes Quizzes. However, only the quizzes which are "summative" or represent the students' final knowledge" of the topic will be used in the final marks calculation.   Quizzes which are "formative" or considered part of the students' learning process will not be counted towards the final mark.   Formative quiz marks will be recorded for tracking / assessment / discussion purposes.

  • Communcations/Inquiry refers mainly to science lab work and science lab report writing.  

  • Connections includes projects / assignments which involve 'connections' or 'applications' of science to real life, such as library "make-a-poster" assignments, major presentations focusing on "how stuff works" and some in-class seat work.

  • Science Fair:  the science fair project is due on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.   Students may work individually or in groups of two.

  • Final Exam: Since this class leads to senior university stream classes, the students will write a formal written exam (worth 20%) done during the regular exam period in June.  

    The MarksBook programme uses the "Blended Median" method of calculation. Averaging of marks is never used. The Blended Median calculation gives a higher weighting to the most frequent / most recent achievement level which the student has attained.

    For example, a lab report done later in the semester may receive a higher weighting in the final marks calculation than reports done earlier. The rationale behind this is that the students will acquire knowlege and skills as the semester progresses and the final mark should better reflect the "final product" of the student's learning.

    MARKS REPORTING The policy of Lakehead Public Schools for secondary classes is that students will receive a percentage grade only at mid-term (April 17) and at the end of the course.

    At all other times, teachers are to only report levels to students: 1, 2, 3, 4 Students will also be qualitatively assessed on their learning skills in the following categories:   Teamwork, Organization, Works Independently, Work Habits and Initiative.

  • Students who will be absent on a test day for planned absences such as family trips or sports activities shold make every effort to inform Mr. Koivu well in advance of the test. This is to ensure fairness to everyone concerned and to schedule an alternate test date.
  • Formulae and physical constants will be provided for every quiz, test and exam in this course.