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Mr. Koivu's Class Page

Specific Course Information
Grade 12 Physics: per. 1
Grade 9 science - per. 4
Grade 11 Physics: per. 5

Miscellaneous Information
Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest
Churchill Message Forum
Secondary School Year Calendar

Science Labs
What are Inquiry Labs?
Importance of Technical Report Writing
Lab Report Requirements
Inquiry Lab Rubric

Inquiry Lab Checklist
Citing References in Lab Reports


Quotation of the Day


RECENT UPDATES:                                                                              
Grade 9 students: CLICK HERE for a few summarized comments on the lab report requirements

Culminating Activity Interview Questions Grade 9 Pre-IB

Grade 9 Energy Generation Presentation     Click here for the evaluation sheet.

Online copy of Nelson Physics 12

Grade 11 FRICTION assignment

Grade 10 Optical Devices Presentation

Mr. Koivu's Exam Tutorial Schedule

Period 5 Grade 12 Nobel-Prize-Winning Physicist Presentation

Period 4 Grade 11 Energy Conversion Technologies Presentation

IB Syllabus: Physics SL
IB Syllabus: Biology HL
IB Syllabus: Chemistry SL/HL


Mr. Koivu's Schedule: 2013 - 2014
Phone:   473-8100 ext: 9028     (I check my voice mail daily)


Students should try to make the most of their class time to ask questions.   I am also available during lunch most days and during period 2 for exta help.   Please make these arrangements in advance

Arrangements can also be made for extra help at 3:35 p.m. 

As well, many science students have benefitted greatly from tutoring arrangements with one of our many talented senior students at Churchill.   I can assist in setting up a tutoring arrangement, with the tutoring fee ($) negotiated between the two parties.
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