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As your first assignment, load my science website and answer the following questions:

Note: this is a shortcut, so don’t use www.http:// etc. Just type the above information into the address bar of the Explorer browser.and complete the following questions. Hand in a hard copy of your answers tomorrow.   You may word process your answers or write then out by hand.


1.         What is the expected test date for the unit test: Chemistry #2?


2.          Your exam is worth 20% of your final mark, but how many marks is the final exam paper? (ie: is it out of 90 marks or 120 marks etc?)


3.         How much is the Knowledge section worth in the overall course evaluation and what does "knowledge" include?


4.         What is the due date for your in-class Science Fair project?"


5.          How many different sections are there in a major lab report?


6.         What is one piece of excellent "exam studying advice" given to students on my website?



6.          What is the date of your final exam in grade 10 science?


7.          In the "Course Outline" section, explain the rationale behind the "Blended Median" method of marks calculation.


(the remaining questions do not relate to the website)


8.         What field of study do you hope to get into after you graduate from high school?


9.         What are your best three (3) qualities as a student?


10.         What are three (3) areas as a student in which you could improve?


11.       What qualities do you like to see in a teacher, for a course to be enjoyable and a good learning experience?


12.       What do you hope for in this high school science class, to make it a fun and memorable (as well as educational) experience?