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PREAMBLE:     The global environment and the very existance of mankind and all other living things on earth is under threat due to the use of energy through out the world.   Various energy technologies spew vast amounts of pollution or CO2 into the air or threaten human health with substances which are toxic or mutagens.   Other energy technologies are wasteful and result in vast areas of forest to be stripped bare.   Other technologies, although "environmentally friendly" are extremely expensive and will provide very little energy.   There are no perfect solutions to the world-wide energy problem.

The grade 12 physics class (period 4) will be doing group project relating to the "societal implications" of various types of fuels and/or energy sources such as:
  1. wind    
  2. solar    
  3. geothermal    
  4. nuclear power    
  5. hydrogen fuel cell
  6. biomass
  7. fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal)
  8. fusion    
  9. tidal power   
  10. conservation technologies    
  11. hydroelectric - conventional using a dam on a river
  12. hydroelectric - newest technology "flow-through" design - without using a dam
  13. another energy topic

The project will focus on issues such as sustainability, environmental impact, cost and its ability to meet society's demands.  

PART 1:   PowerPoint Presentation:
This will focus on providing information on the technical aspects of the type of energy (how it works) and impacts on society and the environment.   Your focus should be on improving the quality of your delivery.  

I expect to see on your PowerPoint to have:
  • No paragraphs or blocks of text
  • Minimal use of full sentences, or none at all
  • Point form bullets
  • Attractive and pertinent graphs
  • Avoidance of "overly busy" or garish backgrounds which make overlying text impossible to read.
  • Simple, uncluttered pages.   If in doubt, use less information per page rather than more information, and add additional pages.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary detail which will bore your audience

    The student presenters will:
  • be facing the audience at all times, either directly or at a slight angle
  • NOT read blocks of text from the PowerPoint
  • use the point form notes on the PowerPoint as a guide to stay organized
  • add extra information which does not appear on the PowerPoint, in a natural, conversational style
  • be well rehearsed and know their topic
  • make seamless transitions between group members
  • have a clear voice, loud enough to be heard by everyone
  • try for expression in your tone of voice

    PART II: A letter-sized class handout (may be double-sided) containing:
  • something for the class to do which will have some educational value, such as a "fill-in-the-blanks" assignment, matching assignment, label the sketch, crossword (NOT a wordsearch, however)

    PROJECT DATES: (all in library seminar room)

  • Tuesday, March 20
  • Wednesday, March 21
  • Thursday, March 22
  • Friday, March 23 - presentations will begin